Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Beauty Theme Weekly Spread Planner

Sephora sale is near that's why I've prepared my favorite theme for my weekly spread.  Incorporating my favorite things are eye candy to me.   

I've used my Sephora booklet as my primary element / decor.  So if you have the booklet lying around and you are into planner designs, I suggest you give this a try.  

Here's a few of the undated before the pen personal planner weekly spread . . . 


Saturday, April 2, 2016

PaperMarket Crazy Haul

image via Facebook
My first planner and accessories haul.  Got everything at 40%!! 

And here's the star of everything...
2016-2017 Classic Happy Planner - Botanical Garden 

The Crazy Craft sale will end on 17 April 2016.  You still have time to visit the stores!


Monday, March 28, 2016

The Happy Planner Paper Punch

As soon as I got my arc system planner,  I went straight to craft stores to look for expandable arc disc and arc punch.  I'm just glad the happy planner punch is already available in store.  No second thought, I bought it!!!  But you know, I got the best price!! Luckily, I have a voucher and additional discount!! Yay!!! 

It cost SGD49.90 at Paper Market.  

On same day, I was able to find the expandable disc at Made with Love at SGD9.95 each.  I bought 2 sizes.  One medium size (rinr-02) and the large / expander rings (ring-04).

I used the medium ring of the happy planner. I should have bought 2 expander instead.  Cos in no time, I will replace soon to large ring.  

It was difficult removing the the covers of the M by Staple arc notebook because of the hard plastic.  No problem with that, it only means it won't be wobbly as the other arc planner. 

Please note, the punching capacity: 3 paper sheets, 
1 card stock sheet. 

The test...

I can punch 3 papers sheets on 80 gsm, no difficulty on inserting and punching.  Only 2 sheets for 120 gsm with a bit difficulty on inserting but no difficulty on punching.  I had no hard time punching on card stock and craft paper.  Though there's a bit of effort needed when punching 0.20mm pvc binder cover.    I also tried to punch on my laminated dividers.  If I punch a total of 150mic of laminated pouch with card stock or paper craft...too much effort is needed on inserting and punching.  You will hear a big crunch.  

See attached pics...

120 gsm paper

total 150 mic laminated pouch

Please bear with the 2 hole punch, I reused my dividers and for testing.

Please make sure that you insert the paper all the way cos this happened to me, refer to pic...

Overall, I love the happy planner paper punch!!  Again, I am so pleased that I bought this.  For the planner addict, this punch is a great investment.  


Arc Customizable Notebook

I can now admit that I am planner addict!!  Did I mentioned that on my previous post? Oh well,   I cannot stop myself  exploring on planners on Instagram.  Always check on new post on online store and YouTube.  It's not like I will buy, but curiosity reasons.  Having said that, I was able to find an arc customizable notebook via Carousel.  
It was pretty cheap so I really have to buy it. 

So it happened... 

  I forgot to take a pic before I replace the arc disc on the leather type notebook.  But the original is the same as the other notebook.  And based on the pic, I've already transferred my inserts from my 2- hole A5 divider.  I got too excited, that why.  

The arc customizable notebook system are from M by Staples.  As far as I know, they do not ship in Singapore.  

The only color is Turquoise for the leather type junior size.  If there's choices, I would go for red or brown.  But it's okay, no biggy. 

I am just so happy that I bought this notebook.  A really life changer.  It is more exciting than other type of planner.  The best so far!! 

I will be posting on my new Happy Planner punch, coming next. 


My DIY Planner Monthly & Weekly Spreads

I would like to share with you my DIY monthly and weekly spreads for my A5 and personal planner.  I tried MS Word and Excel.  I spent more time in MS Word and end up not satisfied with my work.  When I tried the Excel, it caused me less time yet satisfaction achieved.  Without further ado, here's the sample of the spread . . . 

Here's a few of the design I made.  I do repeats, actually.  Aside from I am not that artsy.  I don't have enough supplies for the stickers and the like.  

My usual weekly spread if I know I will be using  or buy a new skincare or makeup :-)
I got the cut sticker like from the undated desk planner and sephora booklet ;-)
So far, I am really happy with my personalized planner.  Currently, there's been new release of planner for July 2016 to December 2017.  I've seen it, touched it and so tempting to buy.  But it is so hard not to use the ones I made cos you know the feeling?  It really feels great even it ends up to be simple, the important thing is, it was made with love, time and effort.

BUT,  I am still having a second thought of buying the undated happy planner.   I am not sure though if ever I change my mind if there's still stock.  Cos the last time I checked, there's only one left on craft store that I often visits. 

P.S. This is all for now, additional pics will be post here soon.