Monday, March 28, 2016

Arc Customizable Notebook

I can now admit that I am planner addict!!  Did I mentioned that on my previous post? Oh well,   I cannot stop myself  exploring on planners on Instagram.  Always check on new post on online store and YouTube.  It's not like I will buy, but curiosity reasons.  Having said that, I was able to find an arc customizable notebook via Carousel.  
It was pretty cheap so I really have to buy it. 

So it happened... 

  I forgot to take a pic before I replace the arc disc on the leather type notebook.  But the original is the same as the other notebook.  And based on the pic, I've already transferred my inserts from my 2- hole A5 divider.  I got too excited, that why.  

The arc customizable notebook system are from M by Staples.  As far as I know, they do not ship in Singapore.  

The only color is Turquoise for the leather type junior size.  If there's choices, I would go for red or brown.  But it's okay, no biggy. 

I am just so happy that I bought this notebook.  A really life changer.  It is more exciting than other type of planner.  The best so far!! 

I will be posting on my new Happy Planner punch, coming next. 


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